• Moving Tips

    As soon as you have a date you can contact Mathis Moving Service to arrange your move. There are many factors that go into the cost of moving, time and the number of rooms and items.
    Call us with any questions you may have regarding your move.

Moving Tips

Things to consider when estimating the number of movers needed...

Do you have stairs?
Are they narrow, several landings etc.
How is the driveway--- flat or incline?
Is each room furnished to capacity or just a few items?
Does furniture include large screen tv's?
Do you have entertainment centers, armoires, glass etc.
Are you packing yourself?
Have you planned the placement of items in your new home?
More than one stop?
Do we need to pick up items from storage, another home?
Have you brought all items down from the attic?
Have you considered what's in the garage?
Don't forget the patio/deck.

Services Include:

We also do expert packing and loading
  • On the day of your move we will be glad to help you finish last minute packing with no increase in the hourly rate, however, this may increase the total overall move time.

We do not haul:
Live flowers or Flammable Products- scrap woods, blocks etc.

We will take:
Grill & Tank (if empty)
Playground equipment (Extra cost)

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Packing Services

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